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meditation to the new earth

There are some things to think about before you begin the audio file. Here are my top tips for a successful drum journey:


- Undisturbed time. Make sure you have 20 minutes of undisturbed time. If you get called away unexpectedly make sure you come back to finish the meditation, you can start it again.


- Have your journal and pen where you can reach them. You may also want a drink nearby.


- You may want a candle to light to soften the light and give respect to the Goddess and your guides and helpers. 


 - As you get comfortable have a look around the room. Notice the colours, light, shapes, textures. We don't need to be judging anything just taking our mind to observing - there's the wall, and the ceiling. Noticing it.

Wishing you many happy and informative experiences, be in touch if you want to book a 1:1 session to journey to your guides and helpers with me. 

Ruth x

Link to the Drum Journey. 

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