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year long women's shamanic initiation 2024- 25

For women who want to dive deep into their healing. A circle of women, facing themselves, honouring and healing together is an astonishing cauldron of co-creation. 

Focusing on YOUR personal magic. We find what you do, rather than 'teaching' a method, we find how you do it. 

A year long Initiation into your magic. Working with Shamanic practises to heal yourself and find what you are here to do in the world.


6, in person, weekend gatherings on the Shropshire/ Herefordshire border. With a final week long Initiation

Working with Ruth Cato and your circle of sisters, all feelings are welcome, we practice open hearted non judgment and find our way into your intuition.


Your guides and magic appears. Rebirth comes with your initiation. #youarethemagic

Training from the land you walk upon and the spirits who are with you. Discovering the Feminine Shamanic Path, that is yours, ancient and true. 

Six 2 day long gatherings over the year & a final gathering of 5 days

You're welcome to stay on the Saturday night, so we can all dream together and be in community.



Year Long Initiation: 2024


Women's Shamanism

8th & 9th June 2024

27th July Online Circle

Drum Journeying and Divination

10th & 11th August 2024

28th September Online Circle

Where are your Boundaries?

19th & 20th October 2024

23rd November Online Circle


Shadow Self & Becoming the Conduit

7th & 8th December 2024

Sacred Sexuality & Blood Rituals

8th & 9th Feb 2025

Birth & Death

12th & 13th April 2025

Off Grid: Ceremony of Initiation

3rd-7th June 2025


Can be paid in instalments

(see below, or email me to arrange an 18 month payment plan)

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