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retreat day

25th Nov 2023


Near Ludlow

A ceremonial retreat day, honouring and working with the Goddess Hekate. This day will be channelled directly from the Goddess, so expect the unexpected.

- Offerings at the crossroads.

- Healing from Hekate and activations via Her keys.

- Liminal space meditation.

- Journey to the gateway and be led by Hekate into your underworld.

If you're at a transitional space in your life, this will be nourishing and supportive for you.

Hekate is the protector of Witches, come and feel her protection and invoke her regualr support.

My main guide, Hekate will show us what magic we most need on the day.

A Dark Goddess She works with transitions, boundaries, magic, and is known as the protectress of the witches.

Come if you hear the call.


Be in touch with any questions 

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