Sacred Cycles



This is THE WORK!


Seriously, it covers so many bases. This is how to re-member (because it's always been inside you) your sovereignty; that ALL of your feelings are important, that every part of your process is crucial.


It reconnects you to nature, to the moon, to your body. 

We work with your own personal medicine wheel, that is of your land and seasons. You will gather wisdom of how to live with flow.

Perfect to gain in depth knowledge for your own self care, self healing and self development, also perfect if you have a menstruating body or a child who will do, amazing if you are interested in Women's Circles either attending or running them. 

It has been said that this is the workshop that attendees refer back to every day of their lives thereafter. It contains all of those lightbulb moments of how things 'should' be, remembering, realising, understanding. 

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