year long women's shamanic initiation


For women who want to dive deep into their healing.


Find your ancestry and work with the land you are on.

Focusing on YOUR personal magic.

Training from the land you walk upon and the spirits who are with you. This year-long brings gifts of your intuition, your magic and your sisterhood. 

6 gatherings of 2 days & a final gathering of 3 days

over the year. 

Women's Shamanism.

14th & 15th May

Journeying, Drumming, Divination.

16th & 17 July

Holding Space, and your Boundaries.

17th & 18th Sept

Shadow Self &Your Hollow Bone.

19th & 20th Nov

Sexuality, Blood & Birth.

14th & 15th Jan 23'



18th & 19th March 23'

Ceremony of Initiation.

19th 20th & 21st May 23'

£1200 for the year.
Payable in monthly instalments.