1:1 Year Long

For women who want to dive deep into their healing.


Find your ancestry and work with the land you are on.

Focusing on YOUR personal magic.

Training from the land you walk upon and the spirits who are with you. This year-long brings gifts of your intuition, your magic and your sisterhood. 


Each session will have the opportunity to connect with nature, to drum journey or divine in some way, and to find more out about your spirit guides and helpers.


Each session is 3 hours long, and anything we don’t cover in session can be ‘homework’.


It’s all a suggestion, and we will be crafting this to suit you. These are the prepared topics, but for you we may focus on one of them through the year for example. I trust and go with the flow.

Women's Shamanism. First 2 sessions.

- Gender issues & cultural appropriation.

- History/ Herstory of shamanism.

- Nature connection.

- Drum Journey to find your spirit animal.

- Cycles and how we are connected to/ a part of nature.


Journeying, Drumming, Divination. 3rd and 4th session.

- Shamanic container: your directions, your helpers and guides.

- Working with different divination techniques to find which one is for you and to find more out about your guides and helpers.

- Nature connection as divination. Hearing the spirits of nature.

Holding Space, and your Boundaries. 5th & 6th sessions.

-         Practices to help you hold space for others and understand what it means for you.

-         Where are your boundaries?: We work through how your boundaries feel to you, your yes and no, communicating them. These may be in reference to your relationships with people and or with spirit.

Shadow Self &Your Hollow Bone. 7th & 8th Sessions.

- Shadow work practices.

- Clearing practices.

- Shame.

- Wounds.

- Soul Retrieval work.


Sexuality, Blood, Birth & Death. 9th & 10th sessions.

- Blood mysteries & birth.

- Pelvic bowl observations and healing.

- Your birth story: how you were born. The shamanic dimensions of birth.

- Blood rituals.

- Ancestral Healing.

- Shamanic death belief systems.