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Day of transformational space

6 Hours in person

Transformational space is where we work together to support you through a big shift or change. This is held around the edges with Safer Trauma Informed Spaceholding but a Transformational Space is the moment of stepping through into something new and this is often something that feels big.

If you are sensing a big shift in your life and want to make sure you are stepping up and through into your newness, this is for you. If theres an ending happening in your life and you're keen for the rebirth, this is for you.

We will work together to create a space that's completly yours. Things we may well do:

- Compassionate listening

- Clearing energy

- Cutting Cords

- Soul Retrieval

- Drum Journeying

- Stepping out into nature to recieve the rebirth experience -  the magic that this land has for you.

- Integration

Let me be your Gatekeeper.


Around 6 hours

Near Ludlow

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