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where are
your boundaries?

Fri 28th June 13:00

to Sunday 30th June 17:00 2024

Pools House, Nr Ludlow


A 3 day workshop for you to get to grips with your boundaries: why they are important, how to work yours out, healing your previous boundary violations and practice implementing them.

Relational Boundaries & Energetic Boundaries.


Especially good for givers; empaths, people who get exhausted by being with others, if you feel disrespected and unheard. Or maybe your boundaries are too thick and you struggle to recieve.


Working with somatics, shamanic practices and trauma informed theraputic practises.

A really important workshop!

£250. Also available as a monthly payment.

Snacks and drinks provided. Bring a dish to share for lunch. You are welcome to stay overnight.

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