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Friday 26th July midday


Sunday 28th July 5pm

Ludlow, Shropshire.

Residential Retreat

Either camping or in the house's shared bedrooms.

I'm extremly honoured to have Brooke Medicine Eagle returning to our lands. She is bringing this extremely special Ceremony in healing and reverence to the Earth & All Our Relations. The land here spoke to Brooke while she was visiting us in 2023, and we are now eagerly preparing for this beautiful Ceremony.

Women’s Healing Ceremony for Earth, All Our Relations, & You!


This will be a time of


Our Connection to All Life

Our Interdependence with All Life

Our Honoring of All Life

Our Responsible Stewardship for Life

We will come together as a small tribe, working together to create something of beauty and power in service of All Our Relations in this critical time.


We are in time the 6th Great Extinction, brought about mostly by humans, and wise elders tell us we only have one generation (20 years) to come back into regenerative harmony with the family of Life before we ourselves become extinct. Of course, our physical actions and lifeways changes are vital; yet we can do powerful work, as well, in the realm of spirit, prayer and ceremony. This we will do. Beginning with techniques for clearing and lightening, we will continue with teachings on tapping

Source energy; the Elements; manifestation of our dreams; and ceremonial practice.


We will support our intentions with shamanic journey and dreaming.You will work in small group with one of the Four Elements (which you choose ahead of time - thus being able to bring colors/clothing, altar objects, and other appropriate items to create ceremony within that energy field).


We will add your group’s Element offering, and more, to the final ceremony for our beloved Lady Gaia and family.


It will be a joy and a celebration, offering up the energy we wish to create on Earth. With Buffalo Woman and Dawn star as our guides, we will speak and sing our prayers, dancing them into the ground. Bring your drums, rattles and other instruments.


Giveaway You must be willing to make a precious offering for the Earth to activate the energy of your sincerity. Please bring that special object for another person.“Postscript, a postcard from Paradise:Dear Children,Wish you were here

where we are all One.Signed–Tree, Adam, Eve, and Snake”


bring a few ingredients and we will cook in community


Be in touch with any questions 

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