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Shamanic Healing

*you are the magic* 

Trauma informed Shamanic Healing from the land we walk upon.
Personal Healing
Transformational Spaces

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What is Shamanic Healing? read about it here

I began to develop my inner knowing as a child, seeing detailed past lives, enjoying conversation with nature and spirit. I had an innate knowledge of things that I have since studied more deeply with the label 'Shamanism'. My degree in Theology led me to realise that mono-theism holds no weight for my work which is deeply rooted in pre his-story. 

Her-story is the story I carry in my bones - the feminine way of being. Honouring the Earth, the feminine cycles, and all feelings as sacred I hold space for you allowing all of your feelings to be felt; reclaiming your power back for yourself, so you may give from your overflowing cup.

Healing work is completely individual for each client but involves shamanic techniques, energy work and contact with the ancestors. I aim to empower each person I work with and use a mixture of me working with the your guides to ‘heal’ while holding space and empowering you through activating your soul codes because #youarethemagic. 


Results can include safe awakening, increased energy, lifting of depression, increased self belief, effortless shifts in direction and deep realisations. 

I live & work on the borderland between England and Wales on the Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire borders which is symbolic to me and my work. Like the borderland between life & death, spirit & us.. that beautiful liminal space between pregnancy and new life or one's death bed and what lies thereafter is my place of knowing and peace.

I am trained in Shamanic Womancraft, Celebrancy, Sacred Sexuality (Tantra & Shamanic temple Rites), Boundaries & Safer Spaceholding for Trauma.

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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is an ancient connection between us humans and the more than human world. The shamanic realms hold space for our guides, ancestors, spirit animals and helpers, as well as the fae and nature realms here on earth. Accessing those realms has been done for millennia through various mediums, some use a frame drum to journey to the spirit guides,

I can close my eyes and see through into these worlds.


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what people say

"Ruth is a beautiful, generous and loving soul able to connect on the deepest levels. I started my awakening journey with Ruth and the strength, knowing and growth I have gained in a short

space of time has been magic! I highly recommend her warm, welcoming workshops and dedicated one to one work."

—  Jenny

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