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shamanic retreat

 Our Women’s Shamanic Retreat focuses on self development in a safer, trauma aware environment. We use Shamanic techniques, nature immersion, meditation, drum journeying, paired work and sharing circles to work on our healing.

We will be held by an amazing space holder Helen Bradbury who will also be offering Shiatsu over the weekend to those who want it.


This is a more luxurious retreat in a landmark house of Wales. Very high up on a hillside the wood framed main room has a huge window and seats 14 on a handmade Yew tree table hand made by the owners of the house. 

The house and land is astonishing - the views are out of this world (see picture!). And there will be plenty of time to relax, walk, trampoline (!) and just be. You will be part of a small group of women (8 to 10), fully catered.

Join us to intensify your healing process.

Here is what Louise said about last years retreat with the same focus: "I am more me than I think I have ever been, it was just so wonderful and I am truly grateful for your presence in my life and the space you create to allow us to explore our depths that we have built unhealthy relationships with and use to hide our truths." 


3 days, Kerry on the Welsh Border. £550.

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