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9 MOONS  2024

9 moons is a closed women's circle. This is for you if you want to experience the beautiful nature of sitting in Circles without diving deep into lots of self development work and transformation. No doubt you will learn lots about yourself and others, but we will be doing everything gently and with a focus on the seasons.


Next group starts January 28th 2024 - booking open now

Closed circle means the group has the same women every gathering with no one dropping in. So you can develop trust and relationship within the circle, feeling safer and learning more about each other and right relationship with other women.


Each month/ moon, we will gather for a single day (last Sunday of the month) to rest, reset and take time out of busy-ness and responsibilities. We will be: 

- Circling

- Connecting with Nature

- Ritual

- Drum Journeying

- Crafting

- Honouring the seasons, honouring the cycles of life.


A gentle, holding space for all women, regardless of experience.
10-5, last Sunday of the month.

Sunday 28th January 2024 is our first day 10-5pm.

Bring a dish/ block of cheese/ bag of apples.
Held at Pools House nr Ludlow. Directions will come on booking.

You can pay in full or in instalments.

£675 in full or monthly instalments of £56.25.

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