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The Way Out

A 6 month group healing container for those who are

truly ready to heal.

Limited Spaces.

What is 'The Way Out"?

'Somatic, Shamanic, Trauma Informed Healing for your Big Wounds.'
The Stars
Shooting Star

Sally Parker

Sally Parker is a registered Counsellor and Shamanic Practitoner. Trauma counselling that deeply supports you to step into your healing. Sally sees you, compassionatly and with an active devotion for your healing - she will not leave you behind. 

Her personal healing journey has seen it all, from abuse and addiction to healing her sexual wounds Sally says it like it is with a huge heart. Her focus on transformation, growth and potential is done with amazing strength.


She truly has your back.




Ruth Cato is a Priestess  & Shamanic Practitioner guiding women back to themselves, specialising in healing women's trauma. Deep healing comes through presence, honouring all of your feelings and accessing the shamanic realms to work on all levels.

Ruth's superpower is shifting you into your soft, strong and certain power, or your magic as she likes to call it.


Finding your spark and reignighting it.

Not afraid of the dark places in us, Ruth guides you through the shadow and back to your rebirth.

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