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The Way Out

Now is the time to deep dive into your healing.


This is a way out of your pain.


This powerful transformational journey uses Shamanic healing techniques, nervous sytem healing and is beautifully supported by registered trauma Counsellors.


Are you ready to feel free of the past?

Are you ready to start fully living?


A 6 month in-person container is ready and waiting for you.

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What Is The Way Out?

In The Way Out, we specialize in powerful healing of childhood trauma
to help you experience big beautiful shifts in your life.

Our unique approach to spiritual and emotional  healing is designed to address the root cause of your struggles and help you integrate them.

Honouring your inner child, and healing from the root.

Our experienced practitioners use a range of healing modalities to help you find your way through the darkness and into the light.

The world needs you shining your light.

Over 6 months we gather 6 times
in person on the Shropshire, Herefordshire border.

Each weekend we work with

Inner Child Work
Shamanic Techniques
Somatic Body Based Work
Nervous System Healing

supported by registered Trauma Informed Counsellors.

A circle of people healing together is incredibly powerful.

Dates 2024

21st & 22nd Sept
26th &27th Oct
30th Nov & 1st Dec
18th & 19th Jan 2025
22nd & 23rd Feb 2025
Retreat Weekend: 15th & 16th March

9.30-6pm each day.

Each month you'll take home practices to continue your healing and discovery between sessions. Work at your own pace at home through The Way Out Workbook, which gives you techniques that will continue to support you. The course includes 1:1 counselling sessions .

To talk with Sally or Ruth about the course
click 'Book a Chat' below, to book a discovery call.

Payment Options

Total cost of The Way Out is £2100. You are welcome to book and pay in full here



Or to spread the cost

12 month payment plan of £175 per month

Don't underestimate the ways this work will change every part of your life!

It's possible to spread payment further, contact to discuss.

Payment Plans go out automatically each month until fully paid.

"I tried it all. You name it, I tried it. It wasn't until I took a long, hard look at my past with a counsellor that things started to shift. Other therapies have been awesome support but this is The Way Out.'


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