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how to journey

There are some things to think about before you begin the audio file. Here are my top tips for a successful drum journey:


- Undisturbed time. Make sure you have 30 minutes of undisturbed time. If you get called away unexpectedly make sure you come back to finish the journey. If it's not possible to finish the journey say out loud 'I give great thanks and I close this circle'. 


- A comfortable, warm space. Make sure you will be really warm, because lying still for 15 minutes means you will get colder than you think. You also want to ensure you can lie down or sit somewhere with a totally straight back. It's preferable to be able to totally flop your body, so you aren't tensing anything. The less you are aware of your body the better. I like to support my lower back and knees. 


- Have your journal and pen where you can reach them. You may also want a drink nearby. Some people like to have a snack too, this can help ground you afterwards. 


- You may want a candle to light to soften the light and give respect to the Goddess and your guides and helpers. 



- As you get comfortable have a look around the room. Notice the colours, light, shapes, textures. We don't need to be judging anything just taking our mind to observing - there's the wall, and the ceiling. Noticing it. And knowing that all through the journey you can come back to that, bring your vision and attention to that wall or colour. It is there and will be there the whole time.

- We will be journeying inward into the pulse of the earth, the pulse of you. Into the non-ordinary reality that shows us so much.

I will not tell you much so you can experience your own experience especially the first time but here are some things to know

- You cannot do this wrong. You may hear, feel, see, smell, intuit what you need to know. You may relax into a deep meditative state. There may be a full 10 minutes of visions or one second of a face. However it works for you is the right way for you right now. Trust.

- It is often the way after you have shown up for your guides that they will come to you in the coming days, so pay attention to dreams, and signs in your day to day life over the next 3 days. 

- Listen to the drum beat if you feel your mind is busy. The drum beat increases our Alpha and Theta brain waves and decreases our beta brainwaves which keep us in eyes open consciousness.

- Spirit will not take away your free will so you have to actively begin the journey – together we set the intention then you will begin the journey by actively imagining you are somewhere in nature, there will be a way up often a tree and a way down into the earth – a hole, a cave, a burrow , a tree root and the tree trunk in the centre. The tree trunk is where we are going today.

- At the end of the journey I will sound the drum 3 times. This will be the moment you actively say thank you to the experience. Actively imagine coming back probably the way you came. Until you are in your body on the mat. This is nothing to worry about, it happens very easily. 

- If you sense something that makes you scared or nervous ask in your mind ‘are you for my greatest good’ I will repeat this when you are listening to the audio and lying down so don’t worry about remembering. If it’s not for your greatest good it will disappear. If it stays, ask why are you here what do you have to show me?

- Finally, when you are in the drum journey you can ask questions, you can actively follow anything you wish to. Your brain will allow you to actively choose where you go and what you do so explore! 

Wishing you many happy and informative experiences, be in touch if you want to book a 1:1 session to journey to your guides and helpers with me. 

Ruth x

Link to the Drum Journey. 

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