date TBC 

£50 (payable in instalments if best for you)

or £25 if you've done the workshop before

The Wellness Space, 

Moreton Farm Units, Moreton Farm, Leominster, HR6 0DP


This is THE workshop for all women! I really can't recommend it enough. 

For all ages to gain deeper insight to yourself and how you work. This is the basics of all women's shamanic healing work, feeling into your connection with the earth and what it has to teach us.

Looking into the cycles of our lives, the moon, the earth, our female bodies. See how we work emotionally and physically, and gaining deeper understanding of ourselves.

Incudes knowledge from Lakota, Aboriginal, African Indigenous tribes and Pagan lore.
Essential workshop for everyone interested in the Moon, Women’s Health, Feminism, Self Love, Sexuality, Earth Cycles and so much more. #youarethemagic

Really helpful if you are going through any big life changes such as the menopause or having trouble with your periods, emotions and relationships.

Bring a dish, or bread or cake to share for lunch if you'd like (not compulsory), I will have soup to share. Also a notebook & Pen. Drinks and snacks provided by me.

So excited to share this with you. Booking via the ticket link below.