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Ritual Tattoo

Marking a moment in your life.

Powerful transitions - love - experiences - who you are.

A tattoo is the perfect ritual, an artistic and painful, powerful, no going back moment. It’s transformational space. Just as with an altar, your body is affected by what you place on it. You are imbued with the power of the symbol you create or choose.

The tattoo artist also needs to be filled with love and respect or whatever emotion you are welcoming into you, as they work with you. For they are the channel for this. Just like the shaman or witch, the tattoo artist is channelling the pureness of your healing or empowerment. So choosing the person who feels good for you is important.

A circle of women holds a cauldron of co-creation. It holds space for the woman who is being witnessed. I believe this is the perfect space for a tattoo to be crafted onto her body. Held in the soft yet strong circle of energy of your sisters, witnessed in your vulnerability and power. The circle around you can be singing, or knitting, or quietly holding space for you while the tattoo is birthed onto and within you. Your intentions for this tattoo can be held by the circle, rolled around in their minds, injected into the energy field as well as into your skin.

Alice of the Wonderwagon is based in Devon. She discovered her love for tattooing women in a ritual way at the Sacred Sister gathering. We have got together to hold space and create a beautiful, secure, grounded sacred space for you to have a small tattoo birthed onto your skin. Her hand poke tattooing is beautiful and considered.

Spaces left for 29th July 10am-9pm near Ludlow. You can book a bed for that night in our beautiful retreat house. £175 to include a small to medium tattoo. Consultations will begin soon for you and Alice to begin designing your tattoo. Email with any questions. to book, choose ‘retreats’ in the menu.

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