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Summer Solstice

The summer is in full swing here on the Welsh border. Nature has bloomed, roses are tumbling out of hedgerows and grasses are swaying amongst the yarrow in the meadows. We've mowed pathways into the lawns here and walking through the abundance is a feast for the senses.

We are approaching the Summer Solstice, the moment of highest energy in the year, The cycles have been turning and since the Winter solstice the energy has been rising up to this moment. We are approaching the moment of most light and least darkness. How does this metaphor sit with you? It is a moment completly out of balance, when there is little rest and much 'doing'. Historically our ancestors would have been using these longer daylight hours to cook, hunt, make, socialise and generally 'do' lots while they could see more. It was a safer time as predators have better eye sight than humans so darkness was a time of danger, therefore light brought more safety.

Honouring the turning of the year allows our humaness to feel more at peace with our cyclical nature and with ourselves AS nature.

Litha (pronounced Leetha) is the celebration of the fullness of summer. The marriage of the Oak King with the round bellied pregnant Goddess of the Earth, that was promised at Beltane now takes place. Welcoming both aspects of the inner masculine and the inner feminine into youself at this time. Honouring the Solar King and the abundance of the Goddess is the theme of Litha. Litha or Midsummer is celebrated this year Wednesday 21st June at 15:58pm, most ceremonies for Litha are with the sunrise.

What rituals may you like to do this Litha?

Midsummer is a Fire Celebration. Building a ritual fire is a powerful moment. Setting out to gather wood or herbs for the fire with intention, observing each step you make, honouring the earth as you walk and explore. With every piece of wood you pick up sit with it first, ask it if it would like to be a part of this ritual. When you have gathered what wants to be a part of your ritual fire, build the fire with intention. Blow into each piece of wood your gratitudes, wishes or the things you need to let go of. Offer them all up to the Sun God.

Lighting the fire you may want to thank the fire, the flame that all your ancestors have sat around. Then the merriment can ensue. Dancing around a ritual fire is a beautiful thing to do for Litha. Let yourself go in the heat and throw off any worries. Dance to celebrate abundance.

Yoni Sunning is a powerful and loving thing to do to celebrate the solar energy. If you feel safe enough and would like to connect with your body more, offering your bare yoni up to the suns rays for a little while is a really special ritual. You will absorb solar energy into your body and your confidenec will grow.

Herb Harvesting is my favourtie thing to do on the Summer Solstice. Each Litha, at exactly the time of the solstice I like to gather and harvet herbs that are ready. I chat with the herbs and thank them for their abundance, scent and medical properties. They get hung up in the kitchen to dry ready for the year ahead.

If you would llike to spend a day in Ritual and Celebration of the high energy, our Midsummer Retreat Day has some spaces left. This is a day of gorgeous revelry, while being fully aligned with nature. If you have things to honour, heal, give thanks for or manifest - this is a day for you.

We will be in circle with promises to each other to help sisterhood grow. There will be some sharing, some storytelling, ritual, fire building, dancing if you wish, herb harvesting, feasting, natural art including painting ourselves if you wish and swimming in our gorgeous pool. Held at Pools House near Ludlow, directions on booking. Sunday 24th June, £95. You can pay in intstalments too, see buttons below.

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