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The Wellness Space 

A deep dive into the magic of the menopause, for all women pre menopause, menopausal or post menopause.

Shamanic perspectives view the menopausal woman as coming into her power. However society teaches us very different views of the aging woman. We will be honouring the women in our circle who are approaching or going through the menopause, because this is no walk in the park!


There will be lots of sharing of experiences and feelings (all are welcome!) alongside the Shamanic teachings of menopause in the life cycle of 'woman'. We will look into what it means for your sexuality; relationships, how it may be bringing up issues from your past and what it means for the woman you are to become. We will be using meditation, shamanic journeying and journalling to help you find your path during menopause.

A deeply empowering day.

Please bring a dish to share for lunch.