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Drum Journeying

Have you ever had a lucid and completely vivid dream? The one that feels totally different to the average dream. A different texture or colour somehow that you just cannot forget. It feels important but you don’t know why. A drum journey is like that. It’s a reach into the other realm. A hand in. Where you exist with your guides and spirit helpers. For some people it is a very visual experience, for others it is meditative and sets them up for a few days of intuitive knowing, perfectly in their flow. It is the place to do healing work, ask questions, feel loved, or to experience wisdom from the past, present and future. And it is not just a place that needs to be accessed by a shaman, it is a place to access yourself too as they are your shamanic realms. During a shamanic drum journeying session we learn about the science behind the journey, the history and how to safely access the trance state. I then drum for you while you lay down and experience. We then discuss the journey and find how you ‘see’, then we go back in and journey again. Each journey gives you opportunity to ask a question, to find out what you need to know. It’s deep insight into you and your healing.

You can experience a drum journey by signing up to the pop up on the main site page at or you can come in person for a half day workshop at The Wellness Space near Leominster, UK on Sunday 25th July £40. Beginners can book here or for anyone who has Journeyed before please book here

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