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The Bird Tribes

Deya Dova's beautiful, haunting song 'Return of The Bird Tribes', has begin to flow out into life over the last few months and as I reflect, over the last few years. A book of the same name by Ken Carey talks of the Cherokee legend that the bird tribes would one day return to the Earth to help with planetary awakening.

'The Bird Tribes are rising,' she sings. And they are.

Spirit helpers in the form of part human, part bird have been increasingly showing up for us in this work. The birds themselves have been singing, talking, sharing and guiding us more and more clearly and urgently.

'Listen to us. Fly with us. Don't ignore this. We are your saviours.'

Years ago a teacher of mine said, when I told her with wide eyes that most of the spirit guides I was finding as she guided me through her shamanic teachings, were winged. Birds, angels, bats. She told me the birds were some of the most powerful shamanic helpers.

The Bird Tribes are here on earth now, to help us with the ascension. To guide us and lift us up to the New Earth. This is the shift from 3D, fear based 'reality', into something far brighter, less dense, more joyous and easeful. It's hard to imagine something that you have no reference point for, but the closer it gets for many of us the more we can relax into it. The split is happening now. It couldn't be more urgent to follow the signs, to be one with nature, to get initiated into this simultanously new and oldness.

The winged ones from different dimensions have been flying in since before Covid days, to ease the changes. They are often blue, and from planets/ dimensions that know how to live/ eat/ survive in a peaceful and easeful way. No striving needed. Just harmony. Humans have been stubbornly holding back for centuries, while our ancient ancestors knew many of these secrets. It is time to reinstate these ways of being.

What do the birds tell us? Look to the birds that are showing up for you. What is the meaning of that bird, how do they nest, breed, and feed? What metaphors can you find to guide you?

Can you sit in meditation with that bird and hear what they have to show you? You may not hear the words like we are used to hearing, you will feel them, or sense them. What do they tell you?

The larger birds soar, high. They tell us to take a wider view of the situation. Pan out. You can't see the wood for the trees. Go high. Fill yourself with their wisdom and closeness to the light. Keen eyesight can see and sense all. Take the hiigher perspective.

Smaller birds often have a beautiful community and collective around them. Fast, joyful. Keen. What can they teach you?

I'm welcoming the Return of The Bird Tribes, and I ask you to listen, listen to the birds and soar.

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