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How to listen for Guidance.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

After a gorgeous question from a beautiful client, a Facebook live video was made on this subject. That can be viewed in the videos section of Ruth Cato on Facebook or on the You Tube Channel.

And here is a written version with different detail....

Guidance - our guides and shamanic helpers are always with us. They are always caring for us and always showing us the way.. if we are listening. Some may say they will be helping us even if we aren't fully listening, and they certainly are, but how do we truly fully listen out for what they have to show us? How do we foster our relationships with our guides and helpers? Here are some thoughts.

By beginning to think about this you will already be drawing them in close and having them do a little dance right next to you. They will be overjoyed you want to make the connections and they will start doing more to get your attention. So how do we pay attention?

HEAR WHAT YOU HEAR. This is something I tend to say at the start of any workshops, but it really is true and relevant all the time. Do not worry about hearing, reading or seeing every little thing. To be in relationship with your guides is to be open to your intuition, and hearing the thing that sticks out to you, the thing that you remember most clearly will be the thing that you are meant to hear. It's really that simple - stop fighting it - stop beating yourself up for doing it wrong. By relaxing and simply noticing you will hear what you are meant to hear.

The thing that you hear may not seem like a direct message from your guides, but it will be a part of it. It will lead you to the next bit or it will flesh out the thing that has been on your mind today. That thing that has been on your mind will be the other part of what your guides want to show you.

Literally everything is giving us guidance, both physical and intuitive they all have messages and meanings. Here is a list of what I can think of off the top of my head:

- our bodies

- our feelings

- nature

- relationships: families, friends, colleagues

- dreams

- oracle decks

- meditations

- drum journeys

These are all working together to show us what we need to know. Our bodies when they get ill or achy are showing us what we need to do so they don't get worse. Our feelings are expressing the emotion that we have inside, and allowing them to flow. None of them are wrong or bad, they are showing us something - are you feeling really really mad? Then what are you mad about? What is that showing you that needs to change? What action can you bring in to help your holy rage, because the rage is showing you what is wrong in the world.

The 4 elements will all give us signs, the water can be stagnant in the pool you walk past, if this draws your attention is it time to have a good cry or rant to help your emotions move more freely? Have you just got drenched in a sudden downpour? Your guides may well be smiling away at the cleansing you just got energetically. The metaphors the shamanic realms gift to us are very very real. Notice them.

Your guides and helpers WANT to be of service to you. They WANT you to hear them and be in relationship with them. So I set a challenge to you. A 24 hour practise of trusting. Spend 24 hours listening to your intuition, listening to your dreams, noticing what the meaning of everything is. It may feel like overkill but it's just 24 hours. Every time you question yourself remind yourself 'it's just 24 hours'. During that day when an animal appears notice it, look up what that animal means or have a think about what that animal signifies to you. Notice what pops in your head as you drive, as you walk, as you watch tv. Note it down. Hear when your intuition tells you to leave the house a but later than normal and act on it.

Indigenous people’s are rarely shocked or disheartened by something happening that is not what they were expecting. This is because they know everything has a reason – we learn from everything – nothing is a mistake – It can be awful and sad and we can mourn it fiercely while still knowing that everything has a purpose.

Remembering death is not an absolute, ending. Endings happen to everything. This is a good and helpful thing. Mourning and grief is a good and helpful thing to allow it to process well. It’s not an evil that needs to be stamped out.

Notice guidance AND notice what you want and need. Some things are destiny while most things are up to our free will. Spirit guides respond to you, you are sovereign.

So get in relationship with your guides: state your intentions of what you need and want as well as listening out for their guidance.

Chat with your guides. I literally chatter away to them all the time, even when I'm not fully aware they are there I talk to them. And they talk back! When you start fully trusting and being in relationship with them and their signs the synchronicities are constant. I'm not even surprised any more. I used an oracle deck last night to have a conversation with them, it was hilarious and bang on.

If anyone wants to get a little closer to their guides and helpers, just clarifying things as you move into a closer relationship with them you are most welcome to join me for a 1:1. Get booked in now because I can see from early summer onwards things getting booked up.

Ruth x

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